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Hi!  My name is Danielle Nazinitsky and I work at The Corcoran Group, NYC's largest real estate brokerage.  My goal is to offer the highest level of expertise, service, and integrity with every client & customer I work with.

Danielle Nazinitsky at The Corcoran Group
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The buying process can be complex and stressful—which is why having me by your side can make all the difference!  I will save you time and money by:

  • Finding the right property
  • Understanding towns and neighborhoods
  • Researching property values
  • Negotiating the offer
  • Recommending other professionals (lenders, attorneys, contractors, etc) 
  • Help overcome setbacks


A unique marketing strategy to maximize exposure to potential buyers before, during and after you decide to sell is imperative to selling your home quickly for the most amount of money.  

  • Pricing skills
  • Marketing skills
  • A top website
  • Photography skills
  • Honest even if it hurts!
  • Feedback system


If you want access to all the inventory on the market, you will likely need to work with a broker.  I will work to find you your dream apartment.